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This category lists all of the concerts that were officially recorded and released by Live Here Now and were at one point available for sale at the official Currently, that site is defunct, and the recordings are not for sale anywhere officially, either digitally or physically.

43 recordings from 2005-2006 Touring The Angel and 48 recordings from 2009-2010 Tour Of The Universe were released, for a total of 91 across both tours.

Due to the planned official release of recordings from these dates, audience recordings were generally forbidden by most live music torrent trackers (i.e. DIME) to be shared publicly and as a result, few are circulating. However, for dates that do happen to have circulating audience or other recordings, such as webstreams or television broadcasts, they will be made available on the wiki.

Of course, the officially released Live Here Now recordings will not be made available on this website.

LHN-released concerts which have alternate recordings available for download

15 out of 91 LHN-released concerts have alternative recordings available.

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