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Depeche Mode's 2009 - 2010 tour entitled "Tour Of The Universe", promoting their twelfth album "Sounds Of The Universe".

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To read the official tour diary for this tour, go here.

Line up and songwriting credits

  • Dave Gahan - lead vocals
  • Martin L. Gore - keyboards, guitar, backing vocals, occasional lead vocals (denoted by (*) in track listings)
  • Andrew Fletcher - keyboards
  • Peter Gordeno - keyboards, backing vocals
  • Christian Eigner - drums, keyboards

All songs performed were written by Martin L. Gore, except for Photographic which was written by Vince Clarke and Hole To Feed, Come Back, Miles Away / The Truth Is which were written by Dave Gahan, Christian Eigner, and Andrew Phillpott.

Dates with downloads available

4 out of 106 dates have recordings from this tour.

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