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To date, Depeche Mode have individually and collectively been involved in the production or performance of 473 songs across their four decade career. All songs known to have been recorded, performed live, or assisted with by Depeche Mode or an individual member of the group are documented below.


  • 235 original songs released by Depeche Mode
  • 414 total non-cover songs across the respective catalogues of Depeche Mode, Martin Gore, Dave Gahan, and Alan Wilder
  • 48 solo songs by Gahan, 68 songs written by Gahan, and 14 non-Depeche Mode/non-solo songs written or sung by Gahan
  • 58 songs by Wilder, including 40 Recoil songs, 26 songs written by Wilder, 47 songs produced or assisted with by Wilder for Recoil or other artists, and 5 songs remixed or musically contributed to by Wilder
  • 66 non-Depeche Mode songs by Gore, of which 20 are covers of other artists, 33 are original songs, and 13 are non-Depeche Mode/non-cover/non-solo songs performed on or assisted with by Gore
  • 68 instrumental songs, of which 27 instrumentals by Depeche Mode
  • 63 cover songs, of which 20 are covers of other artists by by Gore, 23 covers are by Dave Gahan and 17 are covers recorded or performed collectively are Depeche Mode
  • 16 known unreleased songs

All songs

This list includes all 473 songs written, recorded, covered, performed, or contributed to by Dave Gahan, Alan Wilder or Martin L. Gore individually or collectively as Depeche Mode.

All Depeche Mode songs

A total of 236 songs have been recorded, performed live, or assisted with by Depeche Mode and its individual members.

Played Depeche Mode songs

This list includes all songs Depeche Mode has performed live throughout their career. Some songs were played only during a solo member's tour, while others are cover songs that were only played early in their career; see Early live-only songs. Additionally, the aforementioned section includes information about several early songs which do not appear in this list as known recordings or dates with confirmed performances of the songs in question do not yet exist. Click on a song title to view its background information, liner notes-sourced recording credits, a list of concerts the song was performed at which have an available recording, and a list of which tours and concerts at which the song was performed.

A total of 163 songs are confirmed to have been performed live by Depeche Mode.

Unplayed Depeche Mode songs

The following are Depeche Mode songs which have not been played live. Songs qualify for this list based on their appearance on's official lyrics page, or if the track never materialized past the demo stage and a recording of the demo is available.

All Dave Gahan songs

Played Dave Gahan solo songs

The following list details all Dave Gahan or Dave Gahan & Soulsavers songs that have been played live. Click on a song title to see a list of concerts that have a recording available and a list of which concerts the song was played at.

Unplayed Dave Gahan solo songs

All Recoil / Alan Wilder songs

Played Recoil / Alan Wilder songs

Unplayed Recoil / Alan Wilder songs

All Martin Gore solo songs

Played Martin Gore solo songs

Unplayed Martin Gore solo songs

Early live-only songs

The following are songs which Depeche Mode have performed live during their early career, circa 1980 to 1982. None of these tracks have been commercially released.

BONG magazine issue 24 has a great deal of information regarding these tracks contributed by Daryl Bamonte.

1980 Tour

1980 Tour - 1981 Tour

1980 Tour - 1982 See You Tour

1982 See You Tour